The Center of Biomedical 研究 Excellence for the Study of Pain and Sensory Function

成立于2012年, the Center of Biomedical 研究 Excellence for the Study of Pain and Sensory Function (图) supports a vibrant and collaborative neuroscience research program at UNE. The goal of the center is to increase the scientific understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain, facilitating the discovery and development of novel therapies.

Through funding from the National Institute of General Medical 科学s*, the center continues to expand and diversify in exciting ways: recruiting neuroscience faculty to UNE, 支持 神经科学研究人员, and launching the research programs of junior faculty via our 试点项目.

The center also supports two state-of-the-art research facilities — the 行为的核心 和 组织学与影像学核心 — which provide expertise, training, and instrumentation to perform cutting-edge research.

If you would like to schedule time at one of our core facilities, or if you have any questions about engaging with the center, 请联系 珍妮弗·马龙,米.S., M.P.H., 图项目协调员 or (207) 602-2517.

*NIGMS grant # 5P20GM103643, PI-Meng


  1. Create a critical mass of neuroscience researchers necessary to sustain a vibrant and competitive research center. The center supports promising junior scientists, administers a pilot project grant program to fund additional neuroscience projects, and provides start-up funds for the recruitment of new faculty.
  2. Expand UNE’s neuroscience research infrastructure, providing core facilities that allow investigators to carry out cutting-edge research. 两个核心设施, the 行为的核心 和 组织学与影像学核心, provide researchers access to specialized instrumentation and equipment, as well as the training and expertise needed to use it.


Back row (left to right): Peter Caradonna, 组织学与影像学核心 manager; Kerry Tucker, 行为的核心 co-director; Denise Giuvelis, 行为的核心 manager; Ian Meng, 图 principle investigator; Derek Molliver, 组织学与影像学核心 director; Christoph Straub, 图 Project Leader; Michael Burman, 图 project leader; Benjamin Harrison, 图 Project Leader; Jennifer Malon, 图协调员和评估者 前排:Megan Tomasch博士.D. Candidate in Straub Lab; Makaela Rice, Straub Lab Manager; Emily Addleson, Molliver Lab Manager; Emily Whitaker, Good Lab Manager; Diana Goode, 图 pilot project recipient; Ling Cao, 图 graduate and mentor; Geoff Ganter, 组织学与影像学核心 co-director; Brad Best, 核心技术人员


The center is pleased to enlist the advice and expertise of its 指导委员会 and External Advisory Board.


杰弗里·甘特图,Ph值.D., 教授, School of Biological 科学s, 艺术与科学学院

戴安娜古德,Ph值.D., Assistant 教授, Department of Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院

罗素Ferland, Ph值.D., 教授 and Chair, Department of Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院

Karen Houseknecht Ph值.D., Associate Provost for 研究 and Scholarship

塔玛拉国王,Ph值.D., 教授, Department of  Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院, 行为中心主任

珍妮弗·马龙,米.S., M.P.H., 图项目经理

伊恩•孟Ph值.D., 教授, Department of Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院, Director of the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences

Derek Molliver Ph值.D., 教授, Department of Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院, Director of the 组织学与影像学核心

版Christoph Straub写,Ph值.D., Assistant 教授, Department of Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院

克里塔克Ph值.D., 副教授, Department of Biomedical 科学s, 骨科医学院, Assistant 行为中心主任


Yves De Koninck博士.D., 教授 of Psychiatry and Neuroscience; Scientific Director, 魁北克 Mental 健康 Institute; Director of 研究, 魁北克 Integrated 健康 University; Director, Neurophotonics中心, 拉瓦尔大学, 魁北克, 加拿大

乔恩·莱文,M.D., Ph.D., 教授, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 牙科学院, 加州大学, 旧金山

黛安娜Lipscombe, Ph值.D., 教授 of Neuroscience, Director of the Carney Institute for Brain 科学, Brown University

弗兰克•Porreca Ph值.D., 教授, Department of Pharmacology and Anesthesiology, 医学院的, 亚利桑那大学

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